Timetable Effective 18 February 1974.


It is said that Burnett Airways' very first timetable was typed as a favour by the secretary at the Bundaberg Aero Club. This undated timetable for the Ansett Cunnamulla route was apparently typed and subsequently hand amended by the Goondiwindi Travel Centre.




Timetable Effective 26 October 1975.





Press coverage of the inaugural flight on 23 August 1971.



This advertisement appeared in The Australian on 22 April 1974.



This advertisement appeared in the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)
magazine on 1 February 1975.



This advertisement by Curley Air Maintenance appeared in the The Cairns Post on 8 March 1975.
This same post office box was also used by Burnett Airways.



The Courier-Mail of 10 April 1975 announced a proposed
new service to Warwick and Stanthorpe.



This brochure is undated but it appears to predate the
arrival of the first Trislander in August 1974.


All items on this page are from the Roger McDonald Collection.





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